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Immufen Oncoline products are medical devices designed as a supportive therapy for oncology patients.

IMMUFEN OncoMed gel on skin after radiotherapy
Medical device 50 ml

OncoMed gel on skin after radiotherapy is a medical device in form of gel uses for proper moisturizing, lubricating and creating of protective barrier near the places subjected to radiotherapy. Due to creation of proper environment it supports course of natural regenerating processes.

One of many side effects of radiotherapy are skin changes. They are caused by distortion of skin barrier function. These changes include: rash, skin dryness, hyperpigmentation, inflammations, desquamation of the skin etc. Moreover skin is more prone to infections and allergy and more sensitive to UV radiation. Skin problems can cause: pain, strong discomfort, diminish quality of life and can be reason of therapy termination or its delay. Therefore very important is proper skin care, primarily its moisturizing and lubricating. Proper skin hydration reduces dryness, tension and itching, thereby protects from infection caused by skin scratching.

OncoMed gel on skin after radiotherapy contains numerous moisturizing substances like glycerin, arginine and sodium hyaluronate and strongly lubricating oil Omega Plus complex. Additionally contained in the device SyricalmTM protects from excessive water loss and strengthens skin protective barrier. Thanks to this the skin is more elastic, moistened and less prone to action of external factors, what helps to reduce feeling of tension and itching. Due to proper skin hydration, the appropriate environment is maintained, which favors natural regenerating processes.
Moreover contained in the device – prebiotic Biolin – ensures adequate environment for physiological bacterial flora development, what protects from development of pathogenic microorganisms. This prevents oncological patient sensitive skin from infection.


IMMUFEN – Onco Hand-Foot Syndrome Cream
Medical device 100 ml

IMMUFEN – Onco Hand-Foot Syndrome Cream is a medical device in form of cream, rich in ingredients which form on skin moisturising-lubricating protective barrier. Created film, eases course of side effect, of some chemotherapeutics and biological medicines, like Hand-Foot Syndrome (palmar plantar erythrodysesthesia). The cream should be used as support for main oncological therapy (chemotherapy).

Hand-Foot Syndrome is a side effect of chemotherapy, characteristic for many currently used chemotherapeutics and biological medicines. It starts with tingling sensation, burning and stiffening on the hands and feet surface. Afterwards redness and proceeding pain appears. Other symptoms of that syndrome are: keratinization, desquamation, protrusion and fracture of the skin. Also blisters and ulcers can appear. These symptoms not only influence the life comfort of the patients but also when are very serious can cause lowering of therapeutic dose or even temporary treatment termination. Therefore very important is proper protection of hand and feet to prevent and ease of occurring symptoms of syndrome. It is recommended to avoid strong skin irritating substances like perfumes, forceful washing compounds, hot baths, wearing too tight shoes and excessing sun exposure. It is also recommended to regular use of moisturizing and softening creams, which prevent keratinization of the skin, particular those containing urea.

IMMUFEN – Onco Hand-Foot Syndrome Cream contains 10 % of urea, which intensely moisturises and softens irritated skin. Additionally contained in the product substances like Omega Plus Complex, Shea butter, silk proteins or Syricalm, lubricate and moisturise skin, so that ensuring protective barrier from harmful external factors. They also create proper environment for natural regenerating processes. Proper moisturizing and lubrication of the skin, decreasing symptoms of itching, burning and tightness.


IMMUFEN – Herbal Capsules
Dietary supplement 60 capsules

IMMUFEN – herbal capsules are registered as a dietary supplement that contains high quality and high potent biologically active substances that are beneficial to the optimal function of the immune system, liver health and health of the digestive tract.

Preserving liver and digestive tract health, and optimal function of the immune system is extremely important for every person, but especially for oncology patients. This is why Immufen capsules are highly recommended for all patients that  use Immufen Gel or Immufen Cream.

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