Hemorrhoids can trigger infection if they are not treated in a timely manner by a specialist.

One of the worst conditions that can affect a person is hemorrhoids, they can be as incapacitating as painful, since practically the person who suffers from it can get to the point of not being able to sit.

Hemorrhoids, which are the result of congestion of hemorrhoidal flexes located in the anal area, can appear for various causes, for example hereditary, constipation or diarrhea, standing or sitting a long time, being pregnant, in the case of women, or not having a good diet.

“The most common symptoms are itching, and sometimes it shows a little burning and, when the hemorrhoids are external, you feel the dilation of them; there are some hemorrhoids that are internal and difficult to palpate but are detected because they bleed a lot

What to do before the first appearance?

We’re emphatic in suggesting that the first thing to do in the face of the doubt of the appearance of a hemorrhoid is to go to the doctor.

The main thing is to go with a specialist, a medical surgeon or gastroenterologist who can determine the treatment to be followed to improve the intestinal issue first and thus reduce one of the causes; later, it can also check if it’s necessary to order surgery, but maybe it’s only pharmacological treatment,

Curable? Yes, but hemorrhoids can reappear

A condition such as hemorrhoids is treatable and curable when they are present, but the appearance of new hemorrhoids can’t be ruled out, especially if the diet has not been improved or corrected situations that can trigger them.

This condition can be treatable, the hemorrhoids that have already left can be cured, either through pharmacological treatment or surgery, but they often recur later.

Finally, the worst case scenario for an ill-treated or well-ignored hemorrhoid problem is that “a problem of infection can develop, since we must remember that hemorrhoids have contact with fecal matter, so fistulas, or erosion in the area can develop and cause infection. That’s why it’s so important to go to the doctor immediately.