External hemorrhoids, a common affliction affecting many individuals, can be a source of significant discomfort and pain. It is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of their causes, symptoms, and available treatments in order to effectively manage this condition.

In this guide, we explore the definition, causes, symptoms, and conventional treatment options for external hemorrhoids. Additionally, we delve into how Hemocyl, a natural remedy, not only addresses the symptoms but also targets the underlying cause of hemorrhoids.

Defining External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids, medically known as perianal hemorrhoids, refer to swollen blood vessels located beneath the skin around the anal opening. They are a prevalent condition, affecting a large portion of the population.

Uncovering the Causes of External Hemorrhoids

  1. Straining During Bowel Movements
  2. Prolonged Sitting or Standing
    • Extended periods of sitting or standing can lead to increased pressure on the pelvic region, contributing to the development of hemorrhoids.
  3. Pregnancy and Childbirth
    • The added pressure on the pelvic area during pregnancy and the strain of childbirth can lead to the formation of external hemorrhoids.
  4. Obesity
    • Excess body weight puts additional pressure on the pelvic region, increasing the risk.
  5. Age and Genetics
    • Weakening of connective tissues with age, along with a family history of hemorrhoids, can predispose individuals to this condition.

Recognizing the Symptoms


Pain and Discomfort

  • External hemorrhoids can cause significant pain, particularly during activities like sitting, standing, or bowel movements.

Itching and Irritation

  • The swollen veins can become irritated, leading to persistent itching and discomfort around the anal area.

Swelling and Inflammation

  • May become visibly swollen, causing discomfort and a feeling of fullness around the anus.


  • In some cases, external hemorrhoids can lead to bleeding during bowel movements, resulting in blood on toilet paper or in the toilet bowl.

Conventional Treatment Options



Lifestyle Changes


Dietary Modifications

  • Increasing dietary fiber intake to soften stools and reduce straining during bowel movements.
  • Ensuring adequate hydration to maintain regular bowel movements.

Regular Exercise

  • Engaging in physical activity to promote healthy blood flow and alleviate pressure on the pelvic region.

Avoiding Prolonged Sitting or Standing

  • Taking regular breaks and changing positions to prevent blood pooling in the lower rectal area.


Topical Treatments


Over-the-Counter Creams and Ointments

  • These products can offer temporary relief from itching, inflammation, and pain.

Medicated Wipes

  • Specially formulated wipes designed to soothe and clean the affected area.


Medical Procedures


Rubber Band Ligation

  • An outpatient procedure involving the placement of a small rubber band around the base of the hemorrhoid, cutting off its blood supply.


  • Injection of a chemical solution into the hemorrhoid to induce shrinkage and eventual disappearance.

Infrared Coagulation (IRC)

  • The application of infrared light to coagulate the blood vessels supplying the hemorrhoid, leading to shrinkage.

Hemocyl: Efficient Solution for External Hemorrhoids


Understanding Hemocyl

Hemocyl is a natural treatment for hemorrhoids, in form of oral capsules, derived from carefully selected and specially formulated plant extracts. Its unique formulation targets the root causes of external hemorrhoids, providing relief from pain and discomfort.


How Hemocyl Helps with External Hemorrhoids


Alleviating Pain and Discomfort

  • Hemocyl’s natural ingredients work synergistically to reduce inflammation and pain, offering relief to those suffering from hemorrhoids.

Promoting Healing

  • The blend of plant extracts in Hemocyl supports the healing process of swollen blood vessels, reducing swelling and discomfort.

Strengthening Anal Veins

  • Hemocyl’s natural composition helps strengthen the veins in the anal area, reducing the likelihood of future hemorrhoid development.

Addressing the Underlying Cause

  • Unlike some treatments that focus solely on symptoms, Hemocyl targets the root causes of hemorrhoids, providing a more comprehensive and long-lasting solution.

External hemorrhoids can be a source of significant discomfort, but with proper understanding and treatment, relief is attainable. By familiarizing oneself with the causes, recognizing the symptoms, and exploring treatment options, individuals can effectively manage external hemorrhoids.

Hemocyl, with its effcient approach, not only provides relief from symptoms but also addresses the underlying cause of hemorrhoids, offering a more comprehensive solution.

Remember, consulting a healthcare professional is essential for proper diagnosis and treatment.