Terra Lab International ltd.

We as a company represent, offer and continuously support and engage in improvement research of products that can with clinically proven safety and efficiency provide continual health and higher quality of life to any person that uses them.

Our journey started with the establishment of Terra Lab in 2003, which successfully conducted business until 2019., when it was acquired and merged by a company owned by Walgreens Boots Alliance.
During the acquisition process, Terra Lab International was founded (2018). As a new company, in 2019 we continued
working and finalizing several projects started by Terra Lab years ago (part of them were or still are in R&D phase).
Our projects are related to pharmaceutical sector in which – through our core values, company vision and brand
…we strive to contribute to health and better quality of life.

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Terra Lab International ltd.
Laniste 22, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Commercia court Zagreb
MB: 04897056
OIB: 79292198998
VAT: HR79292198998
Founding capital: 20.000 HRK
Managing director: Alen Karlo